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Powerful Love Spells From the Druids

February 23, 2017
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The druids were part of the priestly class of England, France, Ireland and Galicia, thousands of years ago, in the period of Celtic Europe. This cult was very famous for carrying out different rituals and elaborating enchantments for different purposes, but without harming anyone.

It is said that when the druids existed in this physical world, their spells were able to materialize a person’s desires, since their white magic exhaled the whole tradition of the mystic world with the vision of nature.

Within the druid tradition, there are many types of spells to achieve all sorts of goals, some simple and other a little more complex. Among its powerful love spells, there is a very ancient one which has lasted until our days and was used at that time to attract true love.

To perform this spell you need 1 bag of blue cloth, 11 small river stones, also vegetal essence, 2 pieces of silver and 2 magnets that attract each other. The 11 stones must be inside the blue bag and at the same time be impregnated with the vegetal essence, then the silver pieces are put inside the bag too.

Before closing the bag the following words must be thrown in: “Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the desire of my love must bring another love just as strong, let this happen without this hurting someone else.”

Then the magnets must be taken in your hands and you must pronounce the following words: “By the force of these two magnets that attract each other, I conjure the energy of nature so that it attracts the love I desire.”

Finally, the ritual is finished by putting the magnets in the bag and leaving it in a tree that is difficult for other people to reach. The bag is left there, so the spell is consecrated to the energy of the tree, which represents the element of life and nature.

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