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Success As An Entrepreneur

February 27, 2017
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Being an entrepreneur is exciting but it can also be very nerve wracking. It’s definitely not for the weak willed, but if you’ve got the drive it might just be the career for you. A good way to make sure that your drive never disappears is to have a business role model that you can constantly look up to for inspiration. A good example would be Blake Goldring (Toronto businessman). By having someone as successful as Goldring as your role model, you have a better visualization of what it is that you hope to achieve.

If you want to be in charge of a business one day, you can’t be nice to a fault. Many people struggle to toe the line between respect and honesty, but this is something that an entrepreneur will have to do well. With your employees, you need to make sure they understand what you expect from them completely and if their performance does not live up to your expectations you need to talk to them and explain why. Many people are reluctant to do this because they dislike confrontation, but it will be better for everybody in the long run. If you don’t do this, you’ll eventually have to fire the employee. This will confuse them, since they were unaware that they weren’t doing their job the way you wanted them to. While it may feel weird to be so direct about their performance, they’ll appreciate the feedback and change their work accordingly. In the odd case that they do get upset, you have a legitimate reason to fire them. As long as you remain respectful, your employees should be open to criticism.

Blake Goldring (Toronto

From Jeff Barber to Blake Goldring, Toronto entrepreneurs are thriving. Make sure you become one of them by working hard.